Shade and Shadow

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Categories: Young Adult/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 11/04/2008


What mysterious secrets await Randy Smith at The Shadows--her mother's Civil War era ancestral home in South Carolina's Low Country? A month long summer stay at a foreboding mansion full of strange aunts and uncles wasn't Randy's idea of fun. She'd lost her mother in a car accident when she was only three and never had occasion to visit her mother's relatives on the East Coast. When Randy's father decided to remarry he felt it was time to reunite his daughter with the Bainbridge clan, while he and his new wife were on their honeymoon in Europe. The Shadows lived up to its name--dark, gloomy, and stuck in a time gone by--no air conditioning, TVs or computers. Randy wondered why her mother had loved this decidedly unlovable place. Creepy Uncle Arthur acted like a character out of a horror movie. Prim and proper Aunt Amanda seemed overly strict and controlled everyone around her. Uncle Colton and his wife Carolina seemed nice enough, though, and their daughter, Willadee, was about her same age. As the first cousins got acquainted Willadee shared stories about the strange disappearance of their Aunt Miranda--Aunt Amanda's twin sister--over 40 years ago. She told of ghostly sightings on the grounds. Randy scoffed at the idea of ghosts until she began seeing and hearing things she couldn't explain. The headstrong sixteen-year-old insisted on pushing her boundaries and soon ventured out to explore more of the mansion and the grounds. Would snooping into forbidden places, trying to discover what happened to Aunt Miranda, put her own life in danger?