Little Nell

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 11/01/2008


Multi EPPIE AWARD WINNER Barri Bryan weaves a story that is "the kind of book you get caught up in and have to remind yourself that it is fiction. Kudos, Ms. Bryan. Fans of romance will savor Little Nell."--Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Nell Cantrell is no stranger to conflict and danger. She has learned to cope with range wars, marauding outlaw bands, family conflict, and social upheaval. But her feelings for her older brother Richard are a threat she finds impossible to conquer. Richard Cantrell has always adored Nell. Over the past few years those feelings have transmuted into an emotion he hardly dares own. If he is to claim her for his own, he must reveal a closely guarded family secret that could tear their world apart and alienate her from him forever.