Planet of the Decadents

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Science Fiction
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks | Date published: 12/01/2007


Doctor Rivka Levinthal needed a change and even in the future, the best way to change your life is with a change of address. But what a change! This shy woman leaves her prudish world to take a job on Xanadu, the planet of the decadents and proud provider of sex slaves to the galaxy. Now she is the head doctor in Madame Sin's slave training center and plantation. Can Rivka shed her inhibitions and clothing? For Kim Yoon, the change was involuntary. She is travelling as cargo--sold by the dictatorship in her home world. Now with a collar on her neck, will Kim learn the joy of submission and subservience? Then there is Madame Sin, a slave Mistress, trainer and breeder. She will bring Rivka and Kim together and educate them in sensual pleasures ... the joy in surrendering body and heart. But she has one overriding truth that while sex is wonderful, she has a mortgage to pay! Join these ladies in a sensual and good-humored BDSM fueled romp.

Also Available from Jamie Abrams