Home Style Lovin'

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Champagne Rose | Date published: 02/29/2008


A betting man ... Sometimes Ty Clayton wins; sometimes he loses. But he never, ever gives up. A failed investment has forced him to work for his domineering father at mega-corporation TexAmerica. His can't-fail assignment: the acquisition of Ike's Home-Style Bar-B-Q, a popular but in-the-red restaurant in Angel Springs, Colorado. There's just one problem, however--a big one in a size 6 package. The widowed owner of Ike's, Anna McAllister, doesn't want to sell. Not to anyone, but especially not to Ty Clayton. A woman who plays it safe ... Anna McAllister doesn't take risks: not with her business, and not with her heart. Riding herd on her all-boy son and cantankerous grandfather while fending off Ike's greedy competitor, Porky Lundgren, keeps her too busy to think about sex, love, or romance. Until Ty Clayton roars into town on his Harley, that is. Then the memory of a stolen kiss, and his blazing dark eyes, ignite a desire like none she's ever known. But will his past mistakes--and his current secrets--keep her from gambling on love?

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