The Devil's Gate

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 01/01/2008


"Marry me, Anna, Be my wife--" When Tavas Haspura wills the Devil's Gate ranch to Anna instead of his own nephew, Ivan, the words Anna has hoped all her life to hear from her secret love bring suspicion and fear rather than joy and anticipation. Anna soon discovers the isolated Nevada ranch is in a state of panic. Mysterious cattle mutilations cause rumors of witchcraft, threatening to plunge the ranch into financial ruin. When Ivan's wife Colleen turns up missing and her body is found deep in the canyon, her death is immediately blamed on the Cult of Akerra. But doubts remain in everyone's mind. If Anna agrees to become Ivan's bride, the Devil's Gate and everything he has ever wanted will be at his fingertips. But if she dares refuse him--what then? Should something happen to Anna, Ivan, as next of kin, will inherit the ranch. Will he resort to murder to take back what he thinks should rightfully be his? Just how far will Ivan go to make the Devil's Gate his own?