Room to Swing: The Lost Edgar Winner

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner Editions | Date published: 12/10/2007


The Blazingly Tough Edgar Winner for Best Mystery Novel 1958! First time in eBook form! If you're Toussaint Moore, a private investigator from New York City, and a Negro, framed in your own city for a white man's murder, you are going to find it tricky sledding in a small Ohio town, close to the Kentucky border. But the small town was where Moore felt he had to be, to try to find proof for the police that he was innocent of the killing. To do so he would have to face raicism and the killer--and to survive he would need plenty of room to swing! Crime thriller giant, Ed Lacy, produced a trail-blazing story when he tackled the theme of a black detective in a dangerous small town years before In the Heat of the Night! An usual story--a very exciting one--which handles with exceptional insight a Negro's experiences in a large northern city and a small, bordering-on-the-South town. Writer and critic Ed Gorman writes: "Room To Swing" remains high on my list of hardboiled mystery novels. There was a lyricism, almost a poetry, to the writing that touched not only the powerful, melancholy storyline but also the elegant and evocative place descriptions. I've always regarded this as a true masterpiece. Certainly, its take on race makes it a milestone, too. But the sociology of it too often overshadows the sad truth of the tale itself. I liked several other Lacy novels very much, too, but Room is the one that got him to heaven....

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