Harris: The Return of the Gunfighter

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Treble Heart Books | Date published: 10/14/2007


Henry Harris has become a farmer, but he remains much more than that. He was and is a fast and deadly gunman, some say the best that ever lived. Now, he's summoned by his old friend, Sheriff Wilkie, to help face a coming peril, and meet, once again, the challenging quest of a gunfighter. Eight men in all. Four against four. Toward the town of Medford, hurrying from the west, come the three Jones brothers and their uncle, Snake River Reese, riding to avenge an imagined wrong. Wilkie, Harris, and two worthy companions are waiting. In a matter of days they will meet. Harris: The Return of the Gunfighter entertains with lip-biting suspense and a violent finale, and will, at the same time, show how fellowship during danger can carry men forward to magnificent moments of courage.

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