Slaughter in the Ashes [Ashes: 23]

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1997


After the apocalypse destroyed what was left of America, Rebel leader Ben Raines helped create the Tri-States. But no system is perfect: criminal gangs still roam the land, spreading havoc and violence. The punks, thugs and creeps have had a free hand for too long-especially in untamed Northern Maine, where a secret sect of underground cannibals threatens the new nation's freedom. It's time for them all to meet judge, jury ... and executioner. If the new U.S. President agrees, Ben Raines and his Rebels will clear the land of the scum that have made life a living hell for hard-working, law-abiding citizens. But the gentle white snow that begins to fall is the first hint of what will be the hardest winter in years, and the deep woods hold more than a few surprises ... as Ben Raines and his SUSA army take on their greatest challenge of all.