Escape into Bondage

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 06/25/2007


She Went from Unwilling to Willing Slave! Max and Emma were co-workers for several years. And she proved herself to be a terrific employee. But then, at a young age, Max sold out and retired and Emma moved away. Their best-kept secret was that each had become enamoured of the other. But neither of them was willing to take the risk of admitting these feelings ... until Max offered to send her to college and graduate school, all expenses paid, in exchange for a few days of her time each year. And for those few days, Max had some pretty specific expectations. He knew his needs were twisted, but he so wanted to see her bound in his ropes that he couldn't resist. And even though Emma was superficially straight laced and conservative, she became the perfect sex toy for Max. More shocking though was that Emma found release in her bondage. Suddenly she was freed of all responsibility for whatever happened with Max. She was a totally different and liberated woman in captivity. She was truly escaping into bondage.