Gabrielle's Awakening [Order of the Black Lily Book 1]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 03/26/2007


Unexpectedly widowed, Gabrielle, an affectionate but sexually inexperienced author/historian, turns for emotional support to her late husband's closest friend, a courtly cosmopolite who radiates masculine appeal. When Michael reveals that he desires a slave willing to exist solely for his pleasure, his shocking invitation resonates on some gut level within the woman married for fourteen years to a man afflicted by periodic bouts of impotence. Gabrielle agrees to let Michael spirit her away to a retreat where he subjects her to a rigorous regimen designed to teach her to welcome the infliction of pain during sexual encounters. To achieve that purpose, Michael employs a variety of electronic devices that stimulate nerves to feel pain, but cause no injury. Determined to annihilate Gabrielle's will without breaking her spirit, the master of erotic art subjects his slave to a complex regimen incorporating constant stimulation of all sorts, including fear, pain, pleasure, and violent physical exertion. Michael conditions Gabrielle not only to submit and obey, but also to crave the pain he combines with intense, breathtakingly erotic stimulation, so as to lift her to astonishing heights of ecstasy. Having successfully completed her probationary period, Gabrielle accompanies Michael to a new retreat, where she learns that he is a member of the Order of the Black Lily, a mysterious brotherhood of men who share both a stern code of honor, and singular tastes in sensual pleasure. Just as the initiate rejoices in having learned how to please her demanding master, a magnetically appealing stranger enters her life as Michael's guest. Raoul levies a bold demand, which an old vow renders Michael obligated to grant. Raoul asks that he be invited to join Michael in enjoying his slave, and that Gabrielle be allowed to choose freely on the following day whether to stay with her current master, or leave with a new owner. Hiding his mental agony, Michael agrees. Both virile, dominant lovers strive with all their skill at erotic art, all their compelling mastery, to win the slave's permanent favor. The two members of the mysterious Order jointly conduct the ritual whereby the initiate rises to the rank of adept. Ever more emotionally distraught at the thought of having to choose between these two cruel but fascinating masters, Gabrielle achieves a startling new insight into her own sensual nature that enables her finally to resolve the dilemma tormenting her. Although this novel stands alone, it forms one of three works describing the erotic adventures of members of the Order of the Black Lily: Gabrielle's Awakening, Evolution of an Affair, and Eternal Triangle. The latter two books will soon be published by Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.