From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors: Words of Wisdom for Starving Artists

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Categories: Self Improvement
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 02/15/2007


This book opens with copyright information from Lincoln D. Bandlow, an attorney specializing in intellectual property law in Century City and the out-going President of the Los Angeles Copyright Society. The remaining pages include a treasure trove of information from: a personal manager for Hollywood actors, a Hollywood teacher and movie extra, a "Fictionwise eBook Author of the Year", an owner/co-owner of two websites listed among the "Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers", a retired university professor, and other successfully published authors. This book is based on articles published during the first year of "The Golden Goblet" Newsletter edited by Marilyn Peake, and features additional articles by contributing authors written expressly for this book. Authors include: Biff Mitchell, Darrell Bain, Dr. Hugh Rosen, Eugen M. Bacon, J. Richard Jacobs, Jo Kelly, Karen DeGroot Carter, Lea Schizas, Lincoln D. Bandlow, Marcus Alexander Hart, Marilyn Peake, Michael J. Wallach, Natalie C. Bandlow, Patricia Harrington, Peter Prellwitz.

Also Available from Jo Kelly, Natalie C. Bandlow, Marilyn Peake