Heal My Hurting Heart

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Champagne Books | Date published: 02/01/2007


Luke Adams, a Colorado rancher, doesn't trust women, but when he finds injured Gina Walker on his mountain, pleading for her life, he takes her home. At first, Gina can't remember her past, and Luke knows he has a guest he doesn't want. When her memory returns she says nothing, afraid Luke will send her back to her murdering stepfather. She wants to reach the northwest and the safety of her aunt. When Luke compromises her and they marry, Gina still refuses to tell Luke the truth. When unaccountable incidents begin to happen around the ranch she realizes her stepfather has found her. She has to tell Luke about her past. Will their growing love sustain them when Luke finds out the truth, or will he force her to return to St. Louis and a certain death?