Rural Sprawl [Gloria Trevisi Mystery Series Book 1]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Romance
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 07/06/2006


Murder, country style.... Pick up a copy of The Plattsford Sun, and find out who missed the last meeting of the altar guild, who had unexpected company last week, and who was found murdered in a muddy construction site. Gloria Trevisi, Canadian-Italian city transplant and newest editor of the Sun, needs some peace and quiet to come to terms with the recent twists of her own life, a marriage that may be over before it has begun, the end of a promising career in corporate communications, and the sudden move from Toronto to the middle of Southwestern Ontario's cornbelt. She thought that life in this rural backwater would be dull.... The murder of a local politician and businessman has set local inhabitants on edge, they're looking for a quick, easy solution, preferably outside their immediate social circle. Gloria's mission, when she isn't dealing with an absent husband, concerned parents, furious in-laws and a leaching, smelly septic bed, is to sort through a maze of local gossip, delve behind the polite facade of rural political and social life, and find out the truth before her newspaper goes to press. Someone, however, does not want to see it in print.