The Disappearing Girls

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 06/13/2006


Girls and young women are disappearing without a trace, without a clue. No bodies are ever found. Police are stymied until a possible connection appears in the form of a young woman who has unaccountably inherited a newly built mansion from her estranged father. The lead detective in the case thinks something is completely out of kilter about the cases. He doesn't know what really weird territory he--and his new girlfriend--are going to be entering. As the disappearances continue, they begin to take on a new tone--some of the people connected to the investigation also begin to abruptly drop from the face of the earth. The inherited mansion increasingly seems to be the clue to the disappearances. When the phenomena envelops the detective and heiress, they find themselves in a situation they never imagined could happen.

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