You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs

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Categories: Mainstream/Humor
Publisher: Harlequin/Red Dress Ink | Date published: 04/03/2006


"It only takes one." "There are a lot of other fish in the sea." "Every pot has a cover." "When it's your time, it will just happen." Ugh! Karrie Kline had heard it all. But her search for the perfect man had never been all that pressing until her laugh lines became more noticeable, she attended one too many bridal showers and woke up next to far too many never-gonna-commit men. Suddenly, she realized that finding someone to love (and who actually loved her back) was important. Karrie wanted more. But knowing what she wanted, and actually getting what she wanted?well, that was a lot to think about. From the shortest date in Manhattan history, to Mr. FamousHollywoodTelevisionActor who was more bark than bite, these are tales for every woman whether she's found her Prince Charming, or her lips are incredibly chapped from kissing her own share of frogs.