A Billion is Enough: India's Population Problem--A Way Out

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Categories: Children's Nonfiction/Politics/Government
Publisher: adya eBooks/adya eBooks | Date published: 11/21/2005


It is a university acknowledged fact that over-population is India's problem No. 1. Various family planning programmes have remained less than successful as these were adhoc, isolated and non-comprehensive. No linkages were established between family planning programmes and removal of deprivations and disparities for the development of capabilities of the masses. As a result, we stand no better than where we were at the dawn of freedom. The plan of action for state intervention proposed in this book of has been designed on the basis of actual field experience as well as empirical study. The author not only offers a democratic solution to the problem of over-population in a fixed time-frame, but also paves the path for enhancing capabilities by reducing poverty and deprivation among the masses. Bases on field experience and data, the book is written in a style and a language that enders it both to a layman and a specialist. The book is an attempt by a concerned and conscientious career bureaucrat to suggest a viable plan of action for removing the biggest road block in India's journey to progress and sustainable development. Some of the proposals suggested in the first edition of the book have already been acknowledged and adopted by the Governments of Haryana and Punjab.

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