Video Magic

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Categories: Young Adult/Romance
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books/Byte-Me General/Teen Read | Date published: 08/26/2005


Kimberly Lange is no stranger to competition. She's been trying to catch up to her successful big brother for all of her 16 years. So when she and Marla Monroe compete for the coveted internship on Northrupp High's senior video project, Kimberly's not just trying to grab a chance to work with Greg Winters, the project's dreamy cinematographer. She's also out to prove to herself and to her parents that she's as much a winner as her big brother. But even Kimberly's good intentions can't always protect her from her own impulsiveness. When her well-intended actions get her into hot water with the project faculty advisor and jeopardize her budding relationship with Greg, Kimberly must reexamine what it truly means to win.

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