Fire Priestess [Bainevah Series Book 2]

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2005


Prophecy said a daughter of the Holy Line would restore the true worship in Bainevah. Naya, daughter of High Priest Chizhedek, was the first daughter born in generations, and her father saw her as fulfillment of prophecy. He sent her to the Sanctum, to serve in the Sacred Marriage and win the heart of King Nebazz. Nothing would stand in the way of Naya becoming First Concubine, then Queen Mother, then the first High Priestess of Matrika in centuries. Nothing but the King's Seer, Shazzur, and a love strong enough to withstand the High Priest's curse, the hatred and magic of Dreva, and even death...

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