The Melanin Apocalypse

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Twilight Times Books | Date published: 07/15/2005


A man-made virus is killing all the blacks in the world. The African continent is devolving into total and complete chaos. Blacks in America begin rioting and killing Whites. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta becomes the focal point of a vast political struggle for a cure or a vaccine, with some politicians preferring to let the disease run its course and rid America of its race problems once and for all. China prepares to invade Taiwan now that America is overwhelmed with racial warfare and sick and dying blacks. Israel and the Arab states go to war again. The oil fields of the Middle East and Africa are up for grabs... The CDC provides the only possible bulwark against the whole world falling into anarchy-and then it is attacked by rampaging blacks because of rumors that the government itself might be responsible for the lethal pandemic. The scientists, staff and the small CDC security contingent all have to fight for their lives, and for a chance to save the world from the most appalling conspiracy in history. Darrell Bain's most controversial novel since "The Sex Gates."

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