Weeds in the Wiregrass

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 08/01/2004


In 1836, the action never stops for Ace Dover's family at the Three Springs Ranch. Rustling and lawlessness prevail in the Florida Territory, and adopted son Treff Ballowe has his hands full trying to protect the TSR pastures. Putting Joel Godwin in the Fort Brooke stockade only intensifies his problems by fueling Grandma Godwin's vow to "see Treff dead". The Dovers' only daughter, feisty, redhead Marvelous, shows her spunk by delivering a neighbor's baby, but can she save her new husband, Hank O'Mara, from the dreaded yellow fever that's sweeping the Territory? When Rusty's horse returns with an empty saddle, the Dover family fears the worst. Can Rusty's love for the Indian maiden who rescues him survive the merger of the two vastly separated cultures? Captain Caleb's paddlewheeler seems perfect for shipping TSR cattle to Cuba, but is the captain to be trusted? These and many other questions haunt Ace Dover as he and Amaly and their children struggle to survive in the rugged Florida Territory.