Anger and Anxiety: Be in Charge of Your Emotions and Control Phobias

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Categories: Self Improvement
Publisher: Twilight Times Books | Date published: 01/01/2000


We live in a crazy world, so much so that you'd have to be crazy to stay sane! Most people feel frequently overwhelmed by stress. Some of us have the inner resources and the support of other people, and so can cope reasonably well, most of the time. Others among us are not so lucky. For months or even years at a time, people are suffering, at the end of their tether, buckling under the load. There are many people who react with depression, a life-sapping, draining, self-destructive mood that poisons everything. Others suffer anxiety focused on a variety of issues. And there are those who respond by hitting out at the world, and often at the people they love, the ones they least want to hurt. Of course, most sufferers of one of these reactions frequently feel one or both of the others, in an endless destructive cycle. Fortunately, help is available. This little book summarizes the results of a great deal of scientific investigation, carried out all over the world, and the author's own extensive clinical experience. Dr. Bob Rich is an award-winning writer as well as a psychologist, so you know the book will be readable. You will be inspired to work on your own problems, entertained by the many case examples from Bob's practice, and empowered to use the clearly described techniques.