Ayn Rand and Business

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Categories: Business
Publisher: Texterity, Inc./Texere | Date published: 06/21/2004


In an astonishing journey, Ayn Rand transformed herself from a shopkeeper's daughter to one of the world's leading advocates of laissez-faire capitalism. She celebrated business, especially the heavy industries that dominated America, and the entrepreneurs who founded and built them. She constructed a philosophy known as Objectivism-strict adherence to reality, reason, and self-interest--to prove that her epic image of business was the right one. Ayn Rand and Business is both relevant and valuable to today's business readers, providing insightful lessons for managers, traders, and entrepreneurs alike. Rand wrote about topics including the free agent marketplace and the necessity of creating one in order to lead it, corporate strategies, individual achievement, and the relationship between employer and employee. Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged, was one of the most controversial figures of her time and influenced many through her novels and philosophy.

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