The Dark

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Ravenous Romance | Date published: 10/10/2012


The Dark by Scott Bradley and Peter Giglio "An ass-kicking one-night-only L.A. Apocalypse of the soul." -- John Skipp, from his introduction. Ben Pilot was a TV star, until some bad decisions cost him his career, wife, and child. Now broke and alone, he manages a video store in the shadows of Hollywood. But tonight, the shadows just woke up, crawling across the face of Los Angeles. It's a sentient Darkness that can shut down your power, tear you to pieces, or peer deep into your soul. If Ben wants to save his family, he will have to move fast, across a blackened nightmare landscape of rampaging death and possession. Where the light is the only safe place to hide...too bad it's dying fast in THE DARK. "Bradley & Giglio are one hell of a writing team, and I say read anything they produce. It's bound to be unique." --Joe R. Lansdale, author of Edge of Dark Water "In The Dark, Bradley & Giglio have taken the Los Angeles of Raymond Chandler, updated it with the electric pacing of James Ellroy and the hip, pop culture savvy of Quentin Tarantino, and given it a savage poetry all their own. I loved The Dark. This is the perfect example of why horror matters. And with this book, Bradley & Giglio have cemented their star in horror's big leagues." -- Joe McKinney, author of Flesh Eaters and Dead City

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