Strictly Business

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press | Date published: 09/05/2012


She is an architect, successful, professional. So when she meets Jake Morgenstern she refuses to let the stubborn, sexist, obnoxious pig of a man disrupt her calm demeanor. No matter how strong, gorgeous, and ridiculously appealing he is. He is expecting a man. So when Jess Wythe turns out to be Jessica, he is thrown off. When he finds that the somewhat frumpy architect is hiding a beautiful woman behind those boxy suits, he is even more stunned. Imagine his surprise when he finds that not only is she gorgeous, but he is drawn to her on an almost visceral level. The attraction between these two explodes in more ways than one. You're never quite sure if they are going to make love or war. Will they find a way to make the fireworks work for them?