Towers of Darkness

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 09/05/2012


A Wyoming mine-worker discovers a human hand bone embedded in a forty million year-old coal seam. Sent to investigate and recover the bone, anthropologist Larry Krafter unearths a human skull. Understanding the controversy his find will raise in the anthropological community, he announces his discovery. Instead of receiving acclaim and setting off a new look at human evolution, entrenched establishment interests seek to discredit him and his find, using whatever means possible -- including murder. Initially daunted by the viciousness of the attack against him, Krafter fights back with the glare of publicity. The FBI has little to go on as the killer expands his intimidation to include Krafter's supporters and the woman he loves. Desperate to silence him, his opponents make one last attempt while Krafter begins to count the cost of gaining acceptance for his discovery. Reviewed by Readers Favorite -- four stars! The author very competently reveals the inner workings, the spats and feuds that are part of the dog-eat-dog world of academia. Reputations at stake, jockeying for positions and even artifact sabotage all make up the rarefied atmosphere that Larry Krafter inhabits. The build-up to the discovery of the truth behind the skull and wrist bone, the tension mounting as Krafter finds to his horror that even his own university treats him like a pariah is excellent and carries the reader along in the desperate, panicked whirlwind of emotions that beset Krafter.