The Red Sun Will Come

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Romance
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 04/25/2012


This is story of a quest for justice in a country where crime has the upper hand, a place where corruption is a part of life. It is also a story of love, a love which crosses cultures and joins two people of very different backgrounds. Tatyana Maloff is twenty-three years old and living in an abandoned office building in Moscow. She and her friends are lucky to have escaped from the men who killed her boyfriend. Tatyana is fed up with her life of missed opportunities, and it's time for her to have a fresh start on life. Greg Anderson is a thirty-two year old journalist working for a Sydney newspaper, and he's bored with his job, and is frustrated by a superficial relationship with his girlfriend. Greg is writing a story on Russian Brides in Australia, and he comes across Tatyana from Moscow. He corresponds with pretty Tatyana, and is enthralled by her mature philosophies on life. Tatyana is more together than the women of Greg's past, which is surprising given she is younger. Greg flies to Moscow to meet Tatyana, or Tanya as she is known to her friends. When Greg gets to know Tanya, he realises she is a special young woman indeed. Beautiful, intelligent and feisty. It's easy for Greg to fall in love with Tanya, and it's easy for Tanya to fall in love with the handsome and successful Australian. Then Tanya discovers how Greg found her, and is ready to walk away from him when they are attacked by armed men in a restaurant. Tanya must tell Greg why she is in danger, she was a witness to a mafia murder, and she feels it is best they part. But because of Tanya's involvement with her former boyfriend's drug-dealing she is unable to go to the police. Greg can't leave her to an unknown fate, so he offers to help. As a foreign journalist on assignment he can pull strings and get to places, but only if Tanya agrees to be his translator. Tanya reluctantly agrees, and they set out to investigate the murder of Valentin Petrov. Greg and Tanya skirt danger to uncover the truth behind a violent drug war, and find a mafia leader who is subsequently murdered. Tanya slowly lets Greg back into her life, and soon they are lovers, and only then do they realise they both share difficult pasts, and these difficulties form their attraction to one-another. But the peace doesn't last for long. A faked terrorist attack which kills hundreds, including the partner of Tanya's best friend, shows that the men behind this war will do anything to get what they want. And the man right at the top is a member of the Russian Duma, the Russian Parliament. With a corrupt politician, corrupt police and a corrupt secret service agent after them, Greg and Tanya's options are running out. They can't leave Russia, their passports will be watched, and they can't hide in Moscow forever. In desperation, they enlist the help of Tanya's friends to conduct an armed raid on a major television station. They seize the station and broadcast their story on prime-time Russian television. At last the perpetrators behind these terrible crimes are brought to justice. The Russian Mafia can reach beyond prison walls; Greg and Tanya are forced to take up new identities and to leave Russia. Not that Greg minds resettling in London with his attractive dark-haired wife, the woman who has fascinated him since she first came into his life.

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