A Ghost at Stallion's Gate [Lindsay Delaney Series, Vol. 4]

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Categories: Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: ebooksonthe.net/ebooksont | Date published: 12/01/2011


Lindsay Delaney Series, Vol. 4 In book 4, Shannon Delaney gets caught up in a web of deception, intrigue and a ghostly haunting as she delves into a cold-case mystery from Hollywood's glamorous decade of the 1920s: Good grief, it was as if the sound was immediately behind me. I turned and was shocked to see that what was making the odd noise was all too apparent and far too close for comfort. And it was looking down at me. I looked around for a place to run to. I dashed a few steps to the side and the room's atmosphere shifted, causing a rift in the ground. I tripped over my own two feet, crashing to my knees. The thing was hanging over me. I dared to glance up, discovering that all the color in the room had faded away into a sepia world. "Grab hold," it commanded.