Black Static Horror Magazine #27

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: TTA Press | Date published: 02/10/2012


Black Static contains groundbreaking dark fiction by some of the world's best writers and most talented newcomers and this issue (#27) has stories from 2012 BFS award nominee Simon Bestwick, Gord Sellar, Jacob Ruby, Stephen Bacon and V.H. Leslie. Also present are the innovative artwork, hard-hitting features and expert book & DVD reviews expected of this award winning horror and dark fantasy short story magazine. Many recognised authors started their careers in TTA publications and new ones continue this tradition, as the author interview, with Alison Littlewood, makes clear. TTA Press, also publisher of Interzone and Crimewave, encourages masters like Ramsey Campbell, Joel Lane, Nicholas Royle, Nina Allan to continue to supply great stories.