Helga's Story: A Child of NAZI Germany

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 08/08/2011


Living history through the eyes of a young German Girl Although fiction, Helga's Story is based on recollections of the real Helga, who barely survived the near total destruction of her native Germany. Like many little girls, Helga Reiter dreams of horses. More than anything, the six-year-old wants to learn to ride and become a great equestrian. But in 1941 the world is at war. Having overrun much Europe and North Africa, Germany's glorious military cannot spare horses for frivolous childhood dreams. It takes three long years before Helga, stubborn as any good German soldier, contrives several ill-fated attempts to ride. Yet by late 1944, Helga must forgo her dream and face a terrible reality; her country is losing. As Germany is crushed between the Soviet and Allied advance, the Reiter family struggles to survive.