Prophet's Rest

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 07/07/2011


One man's determination to find and kill the man that murdered his younger brother is such that he will go outside the law to get the job done. A father's incautious moment, a trusted friend's indiscretion and a daughter's na´ve and foolish mistake set the stage for a peaceful mountain valley to become a battleground. GOLD! The one the magnet that could attract one of the deadliest band of outlaws in the west into Shannon Hill's serene world and turn her young life into a deadly blood feud to avenge her dead father and kill Billy "Gunner" Farren and any of his bloodthirsty gang she can find. Tucker Prophet, Captain in the re-formed Texas Rangers, and his men are on the same trail for different reasons. It leads them along the Arkansas River, into the Colorado Mountains. Billy Farren made a fatal mistake. He killed Tucker's younger brother and only surviving family member. The crime takes a back seat to vengeance and a sworn Texas Ranger gives up his badge and will chase Farren through and beyond the gates of hell to see him pay with his life for that killing. Prophets Rest turns into a battleground as a daughter's unfaltering love and deadly anger team up with a brother's vengeance to face Gunner Farren for the final showdown and end his reign of terror. Excerpt: Anger flared briefly on Tucker's face. "Believe what you want, Sheriff. All I need to know is which way that group headed after they cowed you and your fair citizens." The inebriated old sheriff bristled. "Boy, you better back up a step. Me and my men trailed that bastard clear to the Colorado line. I buried two friends along the way. They fought hard and true, doing their duty. So don't be coming in here sayin' that me and mine are cowards. If I was a bettin' man, I'd say the way that trail was headin', they was makin' for Colorado Springs. They bushwhacked us as we slept like a bunch of damn yellow scum. Y'all finish your drinkin', rest up tonight and just move on out of my town."