Laird of the Game

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing | Date published: 07/18/2011


When Melissa Johnson once again wandered away from the group on her Highland Tour, she had no idea she would stumble into a fierce battle complete with warriors, warhorses and swords. After a harrowing rescue by the most stunning man she's ever met, she comes to the conclusion that she's somehow traveled back in time to the year 1745. How will she ever return to the future and her family? And does she truly want to? Alexander G. MacKenna, the reigning Laird of the Game, is absolutely shocked when he prays for an angel and she appears in the mist during a mock battle. Although he soon realizes that Melissa has incorrectly assumed she's traveled through time, he cannot bear to send away the only woman who has ever affected him as she does. Convincing his six younger brothers and the warriors of his clan to keep their mouths shut for the next month will not be as difficult as figuring out a way to keep Melissa with him once she realizes just how much he's tricked her.