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Categories: Family/Relationships
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 07/04/2011


On one of Florida's barrier islands, where physical therapist Marya Pierson and her sister Penelope have just inherited their parents' condominium, Marya is determined to honor her father's final requests. He had asked her to find and destroy a mysterious something he believed would devastate Penelope, and he wanted Marya to make sure Penelope's new fiance wasn't merely after her money. Marya finds Drew, Penelope's fiance, annoying but disturbingly attractive. But she must see him often, since she makes home care visits to his uncle Walter, a stroke victim. Penelope, a quirky, impulsive New York model, visits the island sporadically. When self-sufficient Marya discovers the mysterious secret, she is forced to ask Drew's help in keeping the information from Penelope, even though she is still unsure of his intentions toward her sister. Marya and Drew fight their growing attraction as one barrier after another keeps them apart.