A Murderer Among Us

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc. | Date published: 06/01/2011


The envelope contained half a dozen photographs. Lydia stifled a gasp as she stared at more than she'd ever hoped to see of Viv Maguire. A shawl had been draped over one shoulder, discretely hiding her bulging middle and considerable thighs, while displaying one drooping breast. The smile, no doubt meant to be enticing, had a gruesome intensity that sent shivers down Lydia's back. Lydia shoved the photos back into the envelope and returned it to its hiding place amid the napery in the drawer. Whatever doubts she'd had about the extent of Marshall's involvement with Viv had been laid to rest. The question was, had their affair begun before Claire was murdered or after? If is was before... Lydia shuddered, hating to speculate further. But the thought pushed itself forward for consideration. If they'd been lovers before Claire was murdered, it stood to reason that they might have conspired to kill her. For love? Money?