A Sceptic's Guide To Faith

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 04/07/2011


A Skeptic's Guide to Faith is a fascinating and wide ranging look at spirituality that first asks us to focus on things we already experience, know, or think about, and see them in a whole new way. It also explores the existence of God, Darwinian evolution, and the creation of the whole universe in a way that allows us to be both spiritual, rational, and in tune with the findings of modern science. Well researched, the book contains an extensive bibliography that will allow the reader access to more detailed information on the wide variety of subjects it discusses. The book is structured around the five basic questions we all ask ourselves as we go through life: Who am I? Why am I here? Who's in Charge? Where does everything come from? And finally, What is death? In the process it explores subjects as diverse as archeology, aesthetics, near death experiences, the nature of power, spiritual experiences, and even mathematics. The author is a recovering alcoholic who gave up a career in banking and went back to school to become an addictions therapist, at which he has worked on and off for 28 years. This book is in part made up of materials he has used in therapy and from some experiences in his own life. He includes a lucid and critical essay on the nature of addictions and the role that spirituality plays in recovery. Some of the subjects he discusses, primarily psychology and philosophy, he has studied formally. Nonetheless the book is written for the general public and is not an academic work Looking for a spiritual awakening? This book may be just what you need to get started!

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