A Mobster's Toast to St. Patrick's Day

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing/Untreed Reads Publishing | Date published: 03/07/2011


For Jeremy, trying to be live a life outside of the "family business" isn't easy. First, there was the Thanksgiving dinner disaster of A MOBSTER'S GUIDE TO CRANBERRY SAUCE, followed by the Valentine's Day nightmare of A MOBSTER'S RECIPE FOR CUPCAKES. By now, you'd think he'd find somewhere to lay low when a holiday rolls around. Unfortunately for Jeremy, it appears St. Patrick's Day is going to be another trouble-filled holiday. His girlfriend Carla may be leaving him, his cupcake business is in danger of shutting down and his attempt to drown his troubles in green beer is being interrupted by Harry and Charlie, two of the most inept members of his family's employees. When the bartender's cousin shows up with "family business" of his own, Jeremy's pretty sure he's gotten himself in the middle of a situation that no four-leaf clover is going to fix. Can Jeremy survive another holiday, get his girl back and not be driven insane by Harry and Charlie? This is the third in Beth Mathison's MOBSTER humorous, short story crime series.