Toy Box: Pine Switches

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Torquere Press/Single Shot | Date published: 12/15/2010


The pine switch is an old fashioned tool that acts much like a flogger. The men in the three stories in this Toy Box use them to maximum effect! In The Scent of Pine by Mav Anthony, Aaron has been watching his lover Aime at a fine party all evening, hiding and feeling like he doesn't belong. When everyone goes home, Aime proves that Aaron belongs at his side more than anyone. Jay Lygon brings us Hamadryad Essence. Young agent Hayden Fischer of the Bureau of Alchemy wants to impress his boss, the very macho, handsome Captain Bryer, but when he does get Bryer's notice, it's for screwing up. Bryer believes that discipline is the best cure for a wild young agent who won't obey him. And finally, in Tripod by Lee Benoit, a temple whore, a horny slave, and a dungeon's master priest prepare to punish the whore for misbehavior. As the whore faces his ordeal, he must bend or break, like the priest's switches. Whore, slave, priest -- when none prevails, can all three stand strong?