Vanguard From Alpha

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Gate Way Publishers | Date published: 01/01/2011


HUMAN TIME-BOMB FROM THE MOON! The spy team from Earth knew they were looking for trouble when they secretly landed in Luna Area 101-- dangerous Rosk territory. But the fearless trio got more than they bargained for at the hands of these hostile guests of Earth. Tyne and Murray escaped with their lives. The third man was dead, and Tyne suspected that Murray had murdered him in cold blood. Ready to confront him with his charge, Tyne discovered that Murray had disappeared somewhere in the banned area. But when he followed him, he discovered something vastly more dangerous than Murray's guilt or innocence--the Rosks threatened imminent invasion of Earth. And only Tyne now held the secret that could deflect their hordes of death. Yet he dared trust no one with it--not even himself! An exciting sci-fi adventure story!