Delta Trails

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Categories: Health/Fitness
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 01/07/2011


Two men return home after the war thinking their fight was over; it was just beginning. Elation at being home after three years quickly turns to anger and then frustration as Nate Parker pursues the fiends that have taken his fiancÚ. The year long search along Delta Trails leads him into danger that he gladly faces as retribution for the wrongs done to himself and his neighbors. When the final showdown comes he and others put their lives on the line to eliminate a well organized gang of criminals preying upon the people of the south that have been left little enough after five years of constant warfare. In the end, Justice wins out. But, Nate has other battles to fight; those of a more personal nature. He has to decide if he wants to remain what he has become or go back to the life his parents raised him to lead. Excerpt: Sensing his need or giving in to her own, Lydia pressed her body even closer to his. Her hands explored his muscular body through the thin cotton shirt. As the kiss broke, a sigh escaped from her as she laid her head against his chest. She too had needs--, she didn't want to resist. "Nate, we must stop. I feel as if I'm losing control." Lydia said as she forced herself to break the intimate contact. Leaning against the tree behind him, Nate put both hands in the pockets of his trousers. His mind was a swirl of confusion. One part of him wanted nothing more than to have Lydia as totally as possible. He now knew that she wanted him just as badly; but he and Lydia were the product of strong religious beliefs. With an unspoken agreement they stood apart until the fires they had ignited; cooled. "Lydia. I love you. I want you to be my wife when I return from this war. Will you wait for me and marry me?" Nate asked impulsively.