Carrier Grade Voice Over IP

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 09/22/2000


In the race to put carrier-quality voice over IP (VoIP)?phone service with Ma Bell quality, integrated with the Internet and multimedia applications--those using this book will run faster and falter less. International expert Daniel Collins's Carrier Grade Voice over IP brings you leading-edge signaling schemes, protocol apps, and quality of service (QoS) techniques--and more importantly, the answers to making them work together. Skipping needless history, chitchat, and math, Collins gets right down to solutions with solid information on protocols' purposes and uses. With hands-on details, he shows you how to: *Use ITU and IETF protocols to build next-generation networks *Ensure reliability of signaling *Provide wireline-quality service with resource reservation schemes and QoS techniques *Overcome limitations inherent in IP *Seamlessly interwork VoIP systems with traditional telephony networks *Integrate other useful standards *Pull the pieces together into a system that works--and does not break *Preview the 3G/IP/SS7/wireless/voice/data convergence Complete with numerous specific examples of how the protocols are used and integrated, this just-in-time guide supplies the solutions you need to roll out competitive quality VoIP. Jumpstart carrier-quality VoIP with help from international expert Daniel Collins.

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