Dark Paradise [A Taste of Darkness]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC | Date published: 10/13/2010


Molly Prescott, small town librarian, was leading a normal, if boring, life until one stormy night, sexy forensic psychologist and vampire hunter extraordinaire, Matthew Stanislaus, walked into her library. When Vasilek, one of the ancient ones, bites Molly, Matthew is able to save her life for the moment, but he knows Molly may turn and he may have to kill her despite his sizzling attraction for her. Molly has never known such a hunger for a man, but the gorgeous Hungarian with the sexy accent turns her temperature gauge sky-high, even while she's trying to outrun vampires who want to kill her and Matthew's brother, Lucas and his Holy Order of the Brotherhood, set on destroying her. She refuses to accept the fact that she's become one of the undead by seducing Matthew and showing him what an imaginative, half-turned vampiress is capable of.