My All Time Favorite Science Fiction Novels

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 08/20/2010


This is a much revised, updated and re-edited version of a simple article I wrote years ago listing my 100 most re-readable science fiction novels. In this edition, that article has now grown to over 16,000 words and encompasses somewhere around 200 novels that entail untold hours of treasured reading experiences. So much new science fiction has come out in the last few years, as well as older titles I missed when this was first published, that I felt readers deserved a new, expanded edition with many more entries and descriptions of them, including a list of my favorite science fiction series. Thus the new title.

As both a science fiction author and a life-long voracious reader of science fiction, I feel almost compelled to pass on to other lovers of science fiction all the wonderful novels I've read in the past and continue to read in the present. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have.

Darrell Bain
September 2010

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