Dark Carnival

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 05/01/2010


From the moment Thardasius captures Celeste she fires his blood. His mission is critical to his people, though. He doesn't need or want the distraction, and yet there is no escape from temptation. The tanuki, Yipp, is bound to her as her familiar. Without her, the tanuki will die and without the taunki Thardasius cannot complete his quest. The Crimson Satyr, Thardasius, knew when he set out upon his quest to protect his people that he might well lose his life and he was prepared for it. It never once occurred to him that he might be in danger of losing his heart, certainly not to an enemy of the clan, a human! Rating: Carnal/erotic--master/bondage/submissive situation, language, human/satyr sex. Genre: Fantasy Romance