Twice Dead [Kita Nekai Series Book 2]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Fantasy
Publisher: BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books | Date published: 02/01/2010


This is the much-awaited sequel to the Fictionwise-bestselling dark fantasy ONCE BITTEN, following the passionate liaisons and dangerous feuds of Kita Nekai, a feline shapeshifter trapped in a vampire's world. Rave reviews for ONCE BITTEN crested in January 2010 when the ebook and print editions hit the top of the Amazon fantasy lists. Now, in TWICE DEAD, Kita's new undead life as a rookie vampire immediately plunges her into the intrigues and feuds of Haven's vampire clans. Her extrasensory talents, left over from her previous life as shapeshifter, make her both a prize and a threat. When someone beheads a vampire in the visiting entourage of the powerful Collector, Kita is the first suspect. She and her vampire master, Nathanial, must once again defend her innocence and find the killer, while eluding powerful enemies and battling their own increasingly complex attraction.

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