The eReader Rewards program has been discontinued due to ebook industry changes that restrict what kinds of promotions we may offer. If you have a current Rewards balance you may continue to use it until it is exhausted.

Do Rewards Dollars Expire?

It is necessary for us to identify inactive accounts, so you must have some account activity at least every six months to maintain your Rewards Dollars. Six months of inactivity on your account, meaning you have not made any purchases using either Rewards dollars or by Credit transaction, will cause Rewards Dollars in that account to expire.

We also reserve the right to cancel eReader Rewards balances on any account that violates's Terms of Service or where fraud or illegal activity is detected.

Because newsletter subscription is required for the eReader Rewards program, if you opt out of newsletter service you will also lose any accumulated eReader Rewards Dollars.

Legal Stuff

The eReader Rewards system requires no payments, dues, or membership fees of any kind and is a marketing program of Fictionwise, Inc. eReader Rewards Dollars are not refundable in cash and are a credit against future purchases at eReader Rewards dollars are not transferable to any other web site. Void where prohibited by law. Fictionwise, Inc. reserves the right to clarify, interpret, or modify the eReader Rewards program rules at any time, including specific rules, rewards percentages, and methods of calculation, as long as such changes are made public on this FAQ or in the eReader Terms of Service.