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iPhoneeReader on the iPhone and iPod touch

eReader is one of the best known eBook formats, in use for over a decade and with hundreds of thousands of customers, and now it's available for iPhone and iPod touch! eReader remembers what page you are on in each eBook, and allows direct wireless transfer of your content to the device's internal storage for offline reading. eReader supports landscape reading, multiple font styles and sizes, table of contents, footnotes, sidebars, dictionary integration (load a dictionary, then look up the meaning of a word in any eBook you're reading) and other advanced features.

Typical eBooks are around half a megabyte in size, meaning you can easily store hundreds of eBooks on your device and still have plenty of room left over for photos, music, and other content. Now you can have an entire library of great reading in your pocket all the time: read on the train or bus, while waiting at the doctor's office, anytime or anywhere. The iPhone and iPod touch make killer eBook reading devices, and eReader is the format of choice for many avid eBook enthusiasts.