Menus The eReader menus can be displayed on most handhelds by tapping the silkscreened menu button in the lower left part of the graffiti writing area.

If your handheld has a keyboard instead of a silkscreen area, you can open the menus by using one or more keys on your keyboard. Check the documentation that came with your handheld for details.

The three menus available are Book (for opening and deleting ebooks), Go (for navigating through the current book) and Options (for configuring various options in the reader).

Many menu choices may also be activated via the toolbar, which is described later.

The Book Menu

book menu The Book menu contains seven items: The Book menu contains the items "Open," "Delete," "Beam," "Copy," "Info," "Export Notes," "Reference", and "For More Books."

Choosing the Open menu item displays a list of books on your handheld. Double-tap one of the books or tap one to select it and tap the Open button.

The Delete menu item displays a list of books from which you can choose to delete. When you delete a book, all notes and bookmarks for that book are also deleted. The book itself can be reinstalled from your desktop computer at any point via a HotSync operation.

Choosing the Beam menu item displays a list of books for beaming to another Palm OS device.

NOTE: Only unencrypted books are beamable.

Choosing the Copy menu item will will allow you to copy books to and from expansion cards that are currently in the expansion card slot.

NOTE: Not all devices support expansion cards, so this menu item may not exist on your particular machine.

Info DialogChoosing the Info menu item displays a dialog that shows the current book title, current page and total page count, along with information on who owns the book (when applicable). You can also change the category of the book by tapping on the Category item and selecting a new category from the menu. To mark the book private, tap on the Private checkbox.

Choosing the Export Notes menu item will export all the notes that you have entered for the current book to a Memo called "Notes - Book Name," where Book Name is the name of the current book. Use the Memo Pad program to view these notes.

[Pro only] Choosing the Reference menu item will display the currently installed and selected reference book allowing you to look up words. You can also look up words just by selecting a word in the current book that you are reading. For more information on reference books, please see the Dictionary and Reference section of this documentation.

Register DialogChoosing the Register menu item will present information about registering your copy of eReader Pro. If you have purchased a registration key for eReader Pro, select this item and tap on the "Enter Code" button to activate the Pro features. Make sure to enter the name and registration code exactly as shown in your account.

NOTE: The registration code is different from the unlock code for books. The registration code is not your credit card number.

Choosing the For More Books menu item will display a screen with the URL where you can go for more bestselling books and magazines.

The Go Menu

go menu The Go menu contains many items which are useful for navigating books.

Searching for Text

find menu The first group of items in the Go menu are "Find" and "Find Again."

When you select "Find" from the Go menu, a dialog is displayed which warns you that searching for text in large books can be time-consuming. This dialog may be disabled in the General Preferences dialog.

find text A dialog then appears which allows you to enter the text for which you are searching. Enter the text to be found and tap the Find button.

You can make your search begin at the current page using the "Start at current page" checkbox.

The page number progress bar on the book page indicates the progress of the search. When the text is found, the page containing it is displayed and the text itself is highlighted. If you wish to continue your search from this location, choose "Find Again" from the Go menu.

A dialog is displayed if the text is not found in the book.

You can cancel a search while it is in progress at any time by tapping the screen.


bookmark menu The next set of menu items pertain to Bookmarks.

To display a list of bookmarks that have been created for this book, choose the Bookmarks menu item from the Go menu.

To add a new bookmark, choose Add Bookmark.

Bookmarks are explained fully in the section on that subject.


notes menu Next in the Go menu are items that concern Notes.

Similar to the bookmark menu items, "Notes" and "Add Note" display a dialog of notes and allow creation of a new note, respectively.

For more information on notes, please see the Notes section of this documentation.

Movement through a book

go menu The next group of menu items in the Go menu allow you to go to a specific page or chapter, and quickly navigate to the beginning or end of the book.

Choosing the "Go To Page" menu item is the same as tapping the progress bar; the same dialog is displayed for picking a page number to go to.

The "Go To Chapter" menu item displays a dialog containing a list of chapters in the book. Select one of the chapters and tap the Go button to go to the first page of that chapter.

Choose "Go To Beginning" to display the first page of the book. Choose "Go To End" to display the last page of the book.

Going back after following a link

back menu The last item in the Go menu is "Back." This item is only useful when reading books that contain links.

After tapping a link, choose "Back" from the Go menu to go back to the page you were on before you tapped the link. Choose "Back" again to go to the page that the link displayed. The Back menu item doesn't do anything unless a link in the current document has been followed.

The Options Menu

options menu The Options menu contains items which let you customize eReader. It also contains menu items to help you learn more about the eReader application.

General, Toolbar, and Screen Preferences

preferences menu The first section of the Options menu contains items which let you customize the display and operation of the eReader.

Each of these items is described fully in the Preferences section of this documentation.


font menuTo change fonts, select the “Font” menu item. This will bring up the Font dialog.

For more information on fonts, please see the Fonts section of this documentation.

Color [Pro only]

choosing color themes The next menu item allows you to change the colors used for the books that you’re reading.

To change colors, select the “Color” menu item. This will bring up the color selection dialog.

For more information on using color, please see the Color Themes section of this documentation.

Changing the display mode

invert screen The Invert Screen menu item allows you to set the viewing mode for your books to white type on a black background or black type on a white background. When using a color theme with eReader Pro, it will swap the foreground and background colors.

Auto Scroll

auto scroll The next two menu items in the Options menu control autoscrolling. Auto Scroll is a feature that allows you to read without manually turning pages. The text will slowly (or quickly) scroll by while you read.

page up/page down buttons To begin Auto Scroll, select the "Start Auto Scroll" menu item. Once the text has begun to scroll, you can adjust the rate at which it scrolls using the Palm's page up/page down buttons (up for faster, down for slower). If the handheld has a jog dial, you can change the scroll rate by turning the jog dial.

To stop autoscrolling, tap the screen with your stylus.

Info and Help

options menu The last two items in the Options menu are "Help," and "About eReader" which offer help and display information about eReader.

The "Help" menu item displays some basic information on how to use the reader.

The "About eReader" menu item displays the About dialog, which displays information about the eReader application. This dialog contains the version number of the eReader application which may be useful when requesting technical support from It also contains the device ID string, which can be used to register books at some web stores and libraries so that they can be read on a particular handheld.

The Selection Menu [Pro only]

selection menu In eReader Pro you can select words on the page by tapping on the screen and dragging the stylus over the word(s) to be selected, or by tapping and holding the stylus on a word for a short interval. The word(s) that will be selected are drawn with reversed colors while you hold the stylus down.

If the current selection action is set to “Ask” then the selection menu will be displayed when you lift the stylus from the screen, allowing you to select which action to perform on the selection. You can change the selection action in the Selection Preferences dialog.

The “Look Up” item will open the Reference view and look up the first few selected words in the current dictionary or reference book.

The “Find" item will open the "Find Text" dialog with the selected word.

The “Highlight” item will create a new highlight note using the current pen that covers the selection. The note will use the first few words of the selection as its name. You can change the current pen and the pen highlight colors in the Selection Preferences dialog. You can change an individual note's pen in the Note dialog.

The “Add Note” item also creates a new hightlight note, and in addition opens the Note dialog so that you can immediately enter the note contents.

The “Copy Quote” item copies the selected text as a quote so that it can be pasted in to other applications.

The “Preferences” item opens the Selection Preferences dialog.