About eReader

Palm handheld

eReader for Palm OS is an intuitive and powerful program for viewing eReader electronic books (eBooks) on your Palm OS handheld.

Unlike other eBook readers, eReader shows text one page at a time as paper books do. This provides for a much richer reading experience than the typical “giant scrolling document” approach that many other applications use.

In addition, eReader supports a large number of special features, such as text formatting, hyperlinks, and pictures.

eReader comes in two versions: a free version, and a Pro version that adds support for additional fonts, color themes, reference books, and formatting options.

When you first install eReader on your handheld you will have full access to the Pro features for a limited time; if you wish to continue to use the Pro features, you will need to purchase a registration code to activate them. If you choose not to purchase the Pro version you can continue to use the free version of eReader after the demo period has expired.

System Requirements

To use eReader for Palm OS, you will need:

  • A handheld computer running Palm OS 3.0 or later.
  • A desktop computer with Palm Desktop software installed for installing the software and eBooks.
  • A web browser and a connection to the Internet for obtaining and downloading eBooks.

eReader is also available for PocketPC handhelds and Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop computers. You can download the current version of eReader for all supported platforms from at:

eReader does not fully support multi-byte versions of Palm OS. For best results it should be used on handhelds with the Latin version of the OS.

About This Document

This guide provides instructions for reading books using eReader on Palm OS handheld computers and covers the basics for opening, reading, and navigating through books, as well as how to customize the operation of the application.