Font Dialog

To change fonts for the books that you are reading, select “Font” from the Options menu. This will bring up the Select Font dialog. You can use this dialog to choose the standard font to be used when displaying book pages.

Font Dialog As you change the font, you will see an example of the way that your fonts will appear below.

When using eReader Pro, you can install additional fonts on your handheld and they will appear in the list of fonts. Only fonts installed in main memory (not an expansion card) will appear on the list.

Font Dialog

If you set the Font Smoothing checkbox item to on, the display of your books will use subpixel rendering to smooth out the fonts. Many people prefer reading with font smoothing enabled.

NOTE: Font smoothing is only available on color devices.

If you change the font while reading a book, eReader may need to create new page tables for the book. This process may take several minutes, depending on the size of the book, and the “Changing Font” dialog may be displayed for a short time if you are not near the beginning of the book.

Because reference books use special characters and symbols, the Reference view always uses the Small font. Also, many books will use the Small font for the title pages that appear at the beginning of the book.