Color Themes

[Pro only]

Choosing Color Themes

Color Dialog

In eReader Pro, the display colors for the books that you are reading are configurable. To simplify color management, colors choices are arranged into themes. Five preconfigured themes ship with eReader Pro.

To change the display colors for the books that you are reading, select “Color” from the Options menu.

The Standard theme represents the color set that you may be familiar with if you've ever used the non-pro version of eReader. This theme consists of black text on a white background with and a gray toolbar. The link display color is blue.

eReader Pro will show you a preview of the color theme that you\a146ve chosen below the theme selection box. If you chose the da Vinci color theme, you would see this preview.

None of the preconfigured themes are editable. You may however create your own color themes using any existing theme as a starting point.

Creating Color Themes

Color themes consist of the following color components:

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Links color
  • Toobar color

To create your own theme, first select a theme from the list to base it on. Choose the theme that closest approximates the colors that you would like to end up with. Don't worry too much about this choice, however. You can edit every color in the theme regardless of where you start.

For example, suppose you wanted to create your own custom color theme with the same background color of the da Vinci theme, but with black text, a blue toolbar, and red link text.

New ThemeFirst select the da Vinci theme in the selection box and tap the “New” button.

Edit ThemeYou will then see the Edit Color Theme dialog.

Edit Theme - Black Text Tap the “Text” popup and choose black from the available choices.

Edit Theme - All Set the Links and Toolbar colors in the same way until you are left with the following.

Color PaletteIf you don't see your desired color in the list, select “Other.” You can then choose your color from the palette of colors.

Edit Theme - Okay Tap the “OK” button to accept your color choices.

Name Theme Name your new custom color theme using any theme name not already used. Then, tap the “OK” button.

My First Theme You have now created your first custom color theme. It will be saved in the color theme list and you may use it whenever you wish.

Managing Color Themes

Theme Menu To delete, edit or rename an existing custom color theme, select the custom theme in the list, open the menu bar (using the menu icon, key, or by tapping on the title bar), and select the corresponding item from the “Color Theme” menu. Note that you can't delete, edit or rename the built-in color themes.