Running Palm DropBook

To create a .pdb file readable by the eReader, simply drop a text file which has been marked up using the Palm Markup Language onto the DropBook icon. Any errors which occur will be listed. You may be prompted to specify the book's title as it will be presented on a handheld.

The Palm Markup Language (PML) and Palm DropBook have been tailored to work in a variety of situations but may not provide the support that your specific application requires.

Running MakeBook on non-Macintosh and non-Windows operating systems

Execute the java command, including the MakeBook jar file on the classpath. This may look something like

java -classpath makebook.jar com.peanutpress.MakeBook

The last argument specifies that MakeBook is the main class to run.

MakeBook's GUI allows you to specify the input filename, output filename and book title. Enter this information and click the Build Book button.

If you're a power user who would like to script MakeBook in order to build batches of books, you can use command-line arguments instead of the GUI.

MakeBook takes three arguments: the input text file name, the output .pdb file name, and the book's title as it will appear on the handheld. So, from an MS-DOS prompt using the Sun JVM, you might use

java -cp makebook.jar com.peanutpress.MakeBook pmlsample.txt pmlsample.pdb "Sample Doc"

Moving on

You're now ready to start making your own books; learn the Palm Markup Language.